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Kudos to the Iowa City P&Gers who helped rescue 13 ducklings trapped in a storm drain! 🐥…

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our elite @Gillette shaving squad: via @WSJ

We continue to return cash to shareholders with today’s quarterly dividend increase:… $PG

RT @adage: P&G's Pritchard to agencies: your complexity is not our problem

One wish: “Raise the bar. Every single one of us.” -Pritchard #aadigital

“With all the technology today, creativity is still a human game.” -Pritchard #aadigital

RT @Dr_Petralia: The best brand/agency teams get their inspiration by making sure they deeply understand consumers- Marc Pritchard #aadigit…

“If there is one thing in endless supply, it’s our ability to be creative.” -Pritchard #aadigital

On ad blocking: “We need publishers to deliver a better consumer experience." -Pritchard #aadigital

“We want agency complexity to be invisible to us.” -Pritchard #aadigital

“We are raising the bar on creativity. We want everyone to raise the bar in the industry.” -Pritchard #aadigital

“Digital technology has helped create a broader canvas…” -Pritchard #aadigital

"Even today, great creative is built around an amazing consumer insight.” -Pritchard #aadigital

Our own Marc Pritchard takes the stage now to talk about creativity & relationships in the digital landscape. #aadigital