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RT @Vikings: .@JaredAllen69 has signed a one-day contract with us so he can retire as a Viking. MORE: mnvkn.gs/HmgFJO https://t.co

Come check me out Sunday at the Growler...helping the hometown Rockland (D-Mac) https://t.co/kWtuBnQwyC

2k better make Golden State unstoppable!!!

Nice trade by the Titans to stock up on quality picks!

RT @rak98: U have to BUILD thru the @NFL Draft GREAT trade fellas #TitanUp

Facts 💯💯💯RT @Mathieu_Era: KOBE BEAN BRYANT! You are the closest thing to MJ! Thank you sir

Farewell Mamba...#Legendary #mambaout with a 60 piece. Sheeeesh @ Staples Center- Los Angeles… instagram.com/p/BEK-m0HvCEA/

We all dream about playing for one team our whole careers. Kobe did it for 20 seasons! #mambaday and dropped 60 on the way out lol (J-Mac)

Kobe Bryant The Best To Ever Do It !!

RT @mcdonougherin: One fierce momma's story of triumph over tragedy. Please read & share bit.ly/23FvKdL #BostonMarathon 💙💛 https:/…

💯💯💯 #GOD100 RT @cparkinson87: @ChrisJohnson28 here's some facts for them haters: final year in ... tmi.me/1fdq4n

Peace to one of the GOATs, thank you for sharing your gift with us for 20 years #MambaDay

RT @CoachAkina: With @KamaliiAkina in the front row watching Steph warmup working on every possible shot. Excited 2 witness HISTORY! https:…

Man hard to believe what's going on in sports this year. Peyton, Calvin and Ferguson retires in… instagram.com/p/BEKVKjcFvvh/

$30k to see Kobe court side.... Put me down for 2

This packing is for the birds. I want to sit down and rest but I want to get it done and over with.

Thanks for the invite but doesn't feel right if you know what I mean twitter.com/lovemytitans/s…

RT @GTXCorp: Miss our live show with @chuckharold on Security Guy Radio Monday? Don't worry! Watch now: youtube.com/watch?v=QdSFuq… #withyou #G…

When's the last time you used an actual map?? https://t.co/LAu0g31i0T