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Awesome workout today! Now, it's time for the park to help my son work on his swing! ⚾️⚾️

With the NFL schedule coming out tonight, here are the #Ravens home and away opponents for the 2016 season

RT @ZoBot_45: I love someone who stands up and fights adversity and makes it even better to play with them…

Smith has asked a young girl with autism to her high school prom: Best prom ever?

RT @89SteveSmith: Welcome 2 #TheFlock @benjaminswatson! Ravens fans, meet us at April 30 @M&T 4 #FlockFestival and help us welcome ur new t…

RT @wingoz: Standard set for @Titans now. Last 3 teams with at least 6 picks in 1st 76 all reached Super Bowl within 5 years: 91 Boys, 82 P…

RT @markcraignfl: Updating Jared Allen's one-day signing with the reason the big fella felt the need to officially exit in purple: https://

💯💯💯💯💯💯@GregJennings: Learned more from my failures than I did any of my successes! Don't be ...

We could still find a quality LT after the first round:

RT @wingoz: .@Titans now with 6 picks in 1st 76 of draft: Most in anyone 1 draft since 1991 @dallascowboys who had 7 in 70. Got 5 SB starte…

#Ravens haven't given up hope on drafting Jalen Ramsey, hosting him on a pre-draft visit

Jared Allen rides off into the sunset as a member of the #Vikings.

#Vikings say Jared Allen will sign a one-day contract to retire as a Viking.

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome on Pitta’s comeback: “Everyone here wants Dennis to succeed”

How does the trade between the @Titans and the @RamsNFL help us? 📄: Thanks, guys.

#Ravens in prime position to land an elite defender after #Rams-#Titans trade

Would Ozzie use the sixth-overall pick on a running back? 🎥:

#Rams getting No. 1 pick should work in #Ravens favor. Increases likelihood of Bosa, Buckner, Ramsey, or Jack being at No. 6. #RavensTalk

LFW: Should Ravens show interest in Pro Bowler Donte Whitner? 📄:

Yesterday we looked at the #Vikings' 2016 cap spending on offense. Today we break down the defensive spending.

#Rams want to make splash w/move to LA. When #Ravens were new, Ozzie went substance over splash, Ogden over Lawrence Phillips #RavensTalk

Apparently some folks have not yet turned on their #sarcasm detectors today...…

Trade means QB goes 1, another QB likely to go 2... At No. 6, Ozzie will get one of his top 5 for sure. #RavensTalk

Hey, does anyone know if someone's mock draft predicted this Rams trade?