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RT @goldenanimal10k: Still on the grind aint shit change. Juvy "video" Link in my bio

Epic last second planned day trip! Perfect weather, better diving and crazy fishing! @ The Bahamas

What a way to go out @kobebryant. Fight the good fight. Win the race. Godspeed #MambaDay

Steph Curry putting on a 1st quarter shooting show #3s

This dude @phillybrown10 is unreal at call of duty. 👀😳I thought he was playing. Swear he superman on this Jawn lol

RT @darrenrovell: Here are the two seats someone paid $27,500 each for on StubHub with the view that they will get tonight

The range is overrated. Show up two minutes prior to tee time, grip it and rip it. Why waste all the good ones?…

RT @Kimzolciak: This story makes me so sad.. Justin Maddox was involved in a serious car accident a couple weeks…

One of the best @stephenasmith & @RealSkipBayless shows I've ever seen...The REAL & REAL LIFE

People keep asking about bringing D-Block back. D-Block was organic! I believe every unit has its own unique makeup. #weshallsee

My Munch was a stopped up last night, put a little karo syrup in her milk and wahla! Easy poopin in no time haha #countryremedies

Any places near Charlotte to rent dirtbikes and ride?

Just talked with my position coach, Brick, I can't wait to get to work with him and the rest of the gang!